Playing just for fun, our passion for basketball grouped us in informal matches. First we just met occasionally, gradually the meetings became more regular: once or twice weekly. Each of us played with the shirt of his favourite team; matches were often outdoors, without referees or even without an opposing team.

equipoEveryone was free to invite friends to take part in them. In this way, the number of participants in the matches steadily increased, ensuring its continuity. Different names were chose to identify the informal teams.In fact, some of us played in more than one.
Soon we dare to participate in various tournaments with other regional groups with similar characteristics.

Afterwards, some of us playing in two teams (3SonPasos from Santander and ADPando from Torrelavega), rivals in many regional tournaments, had the opportunity to cross borders and play together participating in tournaments outside our country.

Unforgettable experiences, idealized with time, lead us to think that our region could be the ideal environment to develop a friendly tournament for players with similar characteristics to us. This is the origin of the 1st Santander Masters Basketball Tournament.


This tournament is born with the aim of promoting sport as a way of relating beyond age. We are certain that our region, Cantabria, is a privileged location that all of you will be glad to enjoy.


We want to remark this tournament is a non-profit competition. Any surplus generated during the tournament or raised in the Gala Dinner will be donated to a charity organization.

Last but not least, we are aware that this tournament is only possible with the generous support and contributions of our sponsors and volunteers, to whom we are very grateful.