Main Objective


Improve life quality of over 18 social ——-. Try to recover and promote them in order to get abilitys and resources for social and work market reintegration

logo_ce-239x300La COCINA ECONOMICA works in Santander since 1908. It was created to provide healthy food for poor people. During this time It has addapted to modern time neccesities, becoming a solid institution wiht a progressive growth.



The improvements of actual headquarters of La Cocina Economica ended in 1995. This bigger and better equiped building has improved the services as well the beneficiaries.

Instantly and personalized care open to every needy people are the core of Institution work

La Cocina Económica maintains their traditional charity services and adds some new services. The profile of beneficiaries has changed during these years with a considerable growing of inmigrants.

Changes in people necesities have made us flexible, creative and in a continue restructuraion of our institution. We make really big efforts in order to help people to get a job, We have added more family temporal homes and many aids for renting. We also have create a computing classrom, spanish learning and support to get driving license.

Our project wants to improve everyday, however, we can not attend and give solutions to all needs but we try our Instituion will be a key point for everyone who does not have all the opportunities in his life.

As Saint Vincent de Paul said:

“the poor who do not know where to go or what to do, who are suffering and multiply daily, are my burden and my pain”